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Important Update: Hotfix for Windows 10 Users - Mids Reborn

We have identified an issue affecting Windows 10 users regarding Mids Reborn and the Desktop Window Manager. To address this, we have implemented a fix and regenerated both the installer and archive under version

What's New:

  • Fixed Launch Issues: The new installer resolves errors encountered during app launch or within the configuration window.

If you were experiencing these issues, please download the corrected installer for a seamless experience.

Alternative Solution:

If you prefer not to uninstall and reinstall, you can download the hotfix from our GitHub page under the release. Simply extract the hotfix to your installation directory and overwrite any existing files.

Additionally, we are aware of a potential issue in the Rotation Helper and are currently investigating. Rest assured, we are working diligently to resolve this as quickly as possible.

We appreciate your patience and support as we continue to improve Mids Reborn. Thank you for being a part of our community!

- The MRB Team

Published: May 16, 2024

Update Highlights for Mids Reborn

We're excited to announce the latest updates and improvements in Mids Reborn! This release includes performance enhancements, bug fixes, and new features to improve your experience:

Application Changes

  • Performance Boost: Enhanced performance when adding enhancement effects.
  • Bug Fixes: Fixed ranked effects and rare crashes during power editing.
  • Rotation Helper: Improved power names display, added on-time sums of buffs/debuffs, saved window positions, and introduced a Debuffer profile with new colors.
  • File Explorer: Open builds directly from the file explorer or downloaded files without issues.
  • Word-Wrapping Mode: New options for word-wrapping modes in power lists.
  • Incarnate Enhancements: Correctly apply enhancements with redirects.
  • Editor Enhancements: Improved checkbox behavior, set bonuses readability, and slotID detection.
  • Error Messages: Fixed erroneous error messages when editing powers.
  • Absorb Effects Display: Added missing Absorb effects in DataView.
  • DataView Enhancements: Improved speed debuffs display and power name updating.
  • Set Inspector Overhaul: Transformed Set Bonus Finder into the efficient Set Inspector.
  • Enhanced Pets: Enhancements and procs now benefit summoned companions.
  • Revamped Tips System: Redesigned Tips system for better insights and advice.
  • Updated Warnings: Removed version warnings on build loads and added options to ignore future database version warnings.
  • Build Sharing: Link-based sharing is back with secure API sharing.
  • Build Import Enhancements: Support for importing builds from .mxd and .mbd formats.

HC Database Changes

  • Sentinel's Ward Fix: Removed incorrect absorb effects.
  • Recovery Boost: Added boosts to Vesicle and Microtubule HOs.
  • Conduit of Pain Toggle: Added a toggle button for Controller's Conduit of Pain.
  • Epic Power Updates: Updated Murky Cloud and Shadow Bolt/Ebon Eye for Warshade.
  • Suppression Fire: Updated Suppressive Fire and added icons for Redirect powersets.
  • Power Up Fix: Corrected damage buff component for Arsenal Assault.
  • Telekinesis Updates: Updated Telekinesis/Levitate for Dominator Mind Control and Controller.
  • Energy Focus: Granted Energy Focus for Dominators.
  • Boosts and Scale: Moved global boosts to set bonus special cases and added expression ability for GCM activity/scale.
  • Oppressive Gloom & Spirit Drain: Updated recharge time and effects for Corruptor/Defender epic powers.
  • Psionic Nexus: Reduced recharge time to 15 minutes.
  • Ignite Enhancements: Added missing allowed enhancements and sets for Ignite.
  • Spirit Drain & Body Armor: Updated effects for Corruptor/Defender and Blaster epic powers.
  • Teamwork Secondaries: Moved Fate Sealed/Pain Tolerance to Teamwork secondaries.
  • Hamidon Enhancements: Added new enhancements and fixed crashes.
  • Epic Power Sets: Added Ice Mastery and Psionic Mastery for various archetypes.
  • Arsenal Control: Updated attack vectors and requirements.
  • New Powersets: Added Arsenal Assault, Arsenal Control, and Dark Mastery.
  • Build Up Damage Fix: Corrected damage buff value for Tanker Broad Sword.
  • Distortion Field Fix: Fixed -MaxRunSpeed effect for pseudo pet powers.
  • AlwaysToggle Expansion: Set all Auto powers to AlwaysToggle.
  • Movement Speed Aggregation: Fixed SpeedFlying on Combat Flight and allowed movement speed effects aggregation.
  • Insight Toggle: Added Insight toggle for Psionic Melee and fixed PvP damage.
  • Oil Slick Arrow: Fixed damage and added a mode slider.
  • Glue Arrow: Corrected damage for Glue Arrow.
  • Gladiator's Armor: Reverted TP Protection/+Def name change and fixed power graphs display.
  • Coercive Confusion Fix: Fixed self-affecting proc.

Thank you for your incredible support and feedback! Dive into the new features, and keep sharing your thoughts and builds with us. Together, we're making Mids Reborn the best it can be!

Stay vigilant, heroes and villains!

-The MRB Team

Published: May 15, 2024

Update Highlights for HC Database 2024.2.717

Exciting changes await in HC Database 2024.2.717, featuring fixes and enhancements across various powers and sets:

  • Harmonic Mind Fix: Harmonic Mind now properly grants EnduranceDiscount boost.
  • Thunder Strike Update: Attributes for Thunder Strike have been updated for all Archetypes.
  • VEAT Power Attribute Changes: Numerous VEAT power attribute changes have been applied, detailed in the HC patch notes.
  • LRM Rocket Rework: LRM Rocket for Blaster Epic has been reworked for normal and quick modes.
  • Tri-Cannon Set Update: Allowed sets for Tri-Cannon in Arsenal Control have been updated.
  • Greater Fire Sword Update: Cast time for Corruptor/Defender Epic has been adjusted.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Adjustments: Slows and ATOs have been removed from Liquid Nitrogen in Arsenal Control.
  • Charge Up Effect Scales Update: Effect scales for Charge Up have been updated for Defender, Corruptor, and Sentinel.
  • Spirit Drain Update: Spirit Drain now affects both dead and alive foes.
  • Oppressive Gloom Recharge Time Update: Recharge time for Oppressive Gloom has been adjusted.
  • Psionic Nexus Recharge Time Update: Psionic Nexus now has a recharge time of 15 minutes.
  • Ignite Enhancements and Sets Addition: Missing allowed enhancements and sets have been added for Ignite in Arsenal Assault.
  • Body Armor Effects Update: Effects for Blaster Epic Body Armor have been updated.
  • Rename Soul Drain: Dark Mastery for Corruptors/Defenders has been renamed to Spirit Drain.
  • Feat Sealed / Pain Tolerance Move: Feat Sealed / Pain Tolerance (Widow) has been moved to Teamwork secondaries, with a warning of potential build disruption.

These updates are tailored to refine your character builds and strategies, ensuring a more seamless and strategic experience in Mids Reborn. Stay tuned for more enhancements!

Stay vigilant, heroes and villains!

-The MRB Team